GPU XMR Mining with iMac (M1 or Intel)

An example of ASIC hardware

Why GPU Crypto Mining?

As most of the computers nowadays have GPU, we can use the unused GPU power in your computer to earn money.

But not why CPU Crypto Mining?

CPU mining is less efficient, and it will make your computer less responsive as it makes your computer very busy.

Okay, but why does this article focus only on iMac GPU mining?

macOS itself is not very friendly to crypto mining, as the GPU driver, as well as OpenCL driver, is not compatible with most mining software available in Mac. No matter you are using NVIDIA or AMD Radeon graphics card, most mining software, such as MacMiner, Cudo Miner, or BFGMiner, will still report the GPU is incompatible, no matter you installed the latest CUDA driver or not (if you are using NVIDIA cards).

So, how do I set up correctly in Mac?

Okay, before we start, here is a checklist of the requirements:

  1. an iMac (M1 or Intel-based iMac with i7 or i9)
  2. the latest available macOS is installed (at the moment of writing, the latest version is macOS Monterey 12.2.1)
  3. GPU is not Intel Integrated graphics (which has much lower computation power)
  4. An XMR Wallet, you can use Freewallet’s Monero Wallet and obtain an XMR address.
  5. Admin rights in your macOS (make sure you are in the Administrator role)
  6. Homebrew (can be installed via
  7. Basic knowledge of Terminal commands
  8. for AMD graphics card: Mac GPU Miner (the DMG installer can be downloaded via
    for NVIDIA graphics card and Apple M1 users: Cudo Miner (

Let’s start (for AMD Radeon iMac users)

Note: Scroll down for NVIDIA and M1 iMac users

brew intall libmicrohttpd hwloc
Mac GPU Miner in action

Let’s Start (for NVIDIA and M1 iMac users):

Assumed you installed Cudo Miner.

Cudo Miner (cannot detect my AMD GPU)

Best Practice

Remember to start mining when your iMac is not in use, and stop mining when you want to use your iMac intensively.


I am not the author of the mining software Mac GPU Miner. For the mining software setup issues, please contact the author:



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