Stay Home, Make Game — Day 3

Different Tile Design & their dimensions
  • Upper Set: Width = 66px, Height = 51.504px (that’s one of the reasons I hate hexagon; normal tilemap is easier to handle)
  • Lower Set: Width = 66px, Height = 66px
  • Sprite Mode: Multiple (as the image contains multiple tiles)
  • Pixels Per Unit: 66 (set this to the width of the tile)
  • Max Size: 1024 (set this to the nearest value to the image width)
  • Type: Grid by Cell Size
  • Pixel Size: X = 66. Y = 66
  • Offset: X = 30, Y = 30
  • Padding: X = 24, Y = 24
  • Pivot: Center
note the edges.
works perfectly now



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Raptor Kwok

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