Virtual Banks in Hong Kong and their account opening benefits

║ Virtual Banks ║ Main Investors ║ Website ║
║ LIVI VB LIMITED ║ BOC(HK),JD Digits,Jardines ║ Link
║ ZA Bank ║ ZA International ║ Link ║
║ WeLab Bank ║ WeLab ║ Link
║ Ant Bank ║ Ant Financial ║ Link
║ Airstar Bank ║ Xiaomi and AMTD Group ║ Link
║ Fusion Bank ║Tencent,ICBC,Hillhouse Capital║ Link
║ PAO Bank ║ PingAn ║ Link

What is Virtual Bank?

Is Virtual Bank safe?

Promotional Offer Comparison

  • 1% p.a. daily interest rate
  • 5% super CashBack when spending at their Founding Merchants up to HKD1,000 till 31 December 2020.
  • 1% unlimited CashBack everywhere else
  • Comes with a physical MasterCard credit card
  • Advantage(s): daily interest rate, nice user interface
  • up to 8% cash rebate wherever spending with their debit card (cash rebate upper limit HK$1,210)
  • up to 1.2% p.a. time deposit rates (3-month deposit, max HK$50,000): if more people joined the time deposit, the deposit rate will be higher.
  • Comes with a physical Debit card
  • Advantage(s): nice user interface, attractive cash rebate rate
  • Disadvantage(s): the saving interest rate is low.
  • 0.5% p.a. interest rate (first HK$500,000); once made a purchase via QR Payment (T&C apply), the interest rate will increase to 3% p.a.
  • until 31 December 2020, account opening can earn up to 20,000 yuu points; once referred a friend, you can get 18,000 yuu points for each friend you referred.
  • Every time you made a QR Payment, you can shake the phone and enjoy a cash reward for next purchase.
  • My referral code: y8fuhre9
  • Disadvantage(s): No biometric login, Difficult to scan the HKID card when registering an account
  • 5% p.a. interest rate (first HK$50,000) for 6 months
  • HKD/USD/CNY accounts available
  • Personal loan: APR as low as 1.85% (no transaction fee)
  • Advantage(s): Has multiple currencies
  • Disadvantage(s): No biometric login, poor user interface
  • 1% p.a. Interest rate (first HK$500,000)
  • Up to 1.08% p.a. HKD Time deposit interest rate
  • Comes with a physical Visa credit card
  • Has various ways to earn ZA Coin, which can convert to HKD
  • Personal Loan rate is attractive (0.07% flat rate of a loan HK$200,000 or above and tenor of 6 - 24 months). APR as low as 1.45%
  • Advantage(s): can customize the Visa card last 6 digits, has multiple currencies
  • Disadvantage(s): confusing user interface
  • My referral code: FW95A2

Money In & Out

Mini Interest-Earning Guide





I write stuffs. Novels, programs, mobile apps, journal papers, etc.

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Raptor Kwok

Raptor Kwok

I write stuffs. Novels, programs, mobile apps, journal papers, etc.

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